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    • Stand Mounted Studio6 Bass Traps x 2 - Charcoal
      Stand Mounted Studio6 Bass Traps x 2 - Charcoal
      Studio6 Bass Traps provide best-in-class, broadband performance in a slim 6" profile. Featuring effective broadband control from 40 Hz and up, providing low frequency control in a 2' x 4' footprint with slim 6" profile. The Studio6 is stand-mountable, this allows the panels to be used in a number of...


    • ProducerMAX Portable Treatment Kit
      ProducerMAX Portable Treatment Kit
      The Auralex ProMAX Kit offers a level of versatility and effective treatment that can be easily configured for acoustical treatment solutions for recording and also quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring and mixing environment. Perfect for multi-room studios or location recording...


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