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  • Lewitt | 7-Piece Kit Drum Mic Demo

    The Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7 is a 7-piece mic kit that captures all the qualities needed for a complex and accurate drum recording. Featuring a DTP640REX kick drum mic, MTP440DM snare mic, 3 x DTP340TT tom mics and 2 LCT 340 pencil condensers, all designed and engineered in Austria. The kit comes with all the mounts and clips necessary - PLUS a roadcase that looks like it contains military-grade hardware, so you know your mics are safe no matter what. 


    Check out this video where the Beat Kit Pro 7 has been used to mic up a fantastic sounding Mapex kit. This video is great because it isolates each mic individually to clearly demonstrate each microphone's tone and transient capturing properties as well as showing the overall mix with just a hint of EQ and compression to show just how great these mics are.

    The Beat Kit Pro 7 comes in 2 different configurations: one with cardioid capsules for the LCT 340 overheads and a set with both cardioid AND omnidirectional capsules for maximum choice of sound capturing elements.