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    iZotope   buy_now

    iZotope software can be purchased directly through one of our many amazing retailers nation wide or purchased directly through ELFA's webstore.

    If you would like to buy from a retailer, you can use our 'Dealer Finder' to find a retail store HERE. Retailers are able to sell you either serial/download or boxed copy stock.

    You can also purchase iZotope products directly from our webstore HERE - and either download the software immediately*, or alternatively we can send you out a boxed copy of your chosing, where available.

    *Downloadable iZotope Software from ELFA: Instructions

    • After you've made your purchase you will receive your activation code automatically via email
    • Once you've received your activation code, simply download the relevant installer from the iZotope website, install and you're done.


    Melodyne   buy_now

    Buy a copy of Melodyne and have it shipped to you next day. Don't know how amazing Melodyne is? See this movie.



    Melodyne is available only as a boxed copy at the moment. You can buy online HERE or find a retailer HERE.

    We recommend purchasing an iLok, this is a device that looks like a USB stick, which will store your Melodyne user license. You can then run Melodyne on any computer you install the program onto as long as the iLok is plugged into the USB port.