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    With 20-years of professional experience in music production, mastering, engineering and DJ'ing, and as Assistant Manager at one of Australia's premier Pro Audio retailers, DJ eM has certainly had his fair share of exposure and access to the finest monitors available. eM, or Mike Mammone as he is also known, is such an ardent fan of EVE Audio that he owns one pair SC307, two pairs of SC207 plus a TS110 sub. As Mike says, "when I really believe in something, it's easy to recommend."

    Mike's musical journey began around 20-years ago in Melbourne, Australia, when he started his own mobile DJ business. DJ'ing quickly opened Mike's eyes to a multitude of genres, live sound application and the all-important skill of reading and entertaining crowds. As soon as Mike's 18th birthday arrived, Mike quickly transitioned from mobile DJ to club DJ, taking his now well-honed DJ skills to hard dance clubs, venues and events throughout Melbourne.

    Fast forward to 2017 and Mike can happily say he's had the privilege of both headlining and supporting some of Australia's biggest dance parties alongside some of the most prolific artists in the world. On the production side, eM has yielded chart topping hits on some of the biggest dance music distribution sites in the world. For the past few years Mike has also been busy with Bass Empire, the studio where Mike offers services such as mastering, mixing, production and tuition.

    We asked Mike what it was about EVE that he loved so much... 
    "It has to be the stereo imaging. It's amazing, but also retains all the mono information in the mix. The EVE's produce such a beautifully balanced sound. Whilst the ribbon tweeters are incredibly detailed, they aren't fatiguing to the ears, which is very important to me."

    For any engineering or mastering needs please visit: www.bassempire.com

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