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  • Mapex | Black Panther Design Lab Kit

    mapex dl kit

    Mapex Design Lab drum series has been created by a select group of artists, engineers and designers who together, have brought to the market an exclusive, professional instrument with game-changing features and a concept that is revolutionary to the drumming world.

    Design Lab Drums use the Concept Hybrid approach which is the blending of different woods, bearing edges, sound rings, hoops, lug castings, and even the finish to affect the overall performance and characteristics of each individual drum.

    Innovative features such as the SAS Attenuation Floor Tom Leg, the SAS Ring System and the revolutionary Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension System set these drums apart from anything else on the market today!

    Mapex Design Lab Systems are available in pre-configured shell packs in both Versatus and Cherry Bomb Systems or available as individual drums. 

    We have the Versatus currently on show at Drummers Paradise in Melbourne with stock arriving for the whole country in February!