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  • Martin Guitar | New for 2018

    The guitars from the Standard Series from Styles 28-45 have been woven into the very fabric of our history for generations and across all genres of pop culture, and continue to inspire musicians worldwide. “I challenged my coworkers to help me with the significant task of modernizing guitars whose origin go back to the 1930s (and earlier).”, said Chris Martin. “As you might imagine, the discussions were quite animated. Fortunately, we all knew we were working toward a common goal; how can we modernize traditional Martin Guitar models while continuing to honor our rich history and heritage? Well, together we met that challenge head on and the results far exceeded my expectations.”
    “Changing this many models that are so iconic to the company and music industry all at once was a real challenge” says Fred Greene, Martin’s Senior Director of Product Management, “But our team did an incredible job in choosing appointments and improvements that make these instruments even better.” The most notable updates to the line include the addition of a modern high performance neck that is thinner and more comfortable for the player and vintage appointments, including ageing toner and open gear tuners. There have been changes to internal features, as well, that include scalloped and forward-shifted top bracing, depending on the style. The bottom line? When you put all of the changes together the result is a Martin Standard Series line that looks, plays, and sounds better than ever before.
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