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    PRODUCT BRAND: Auralex


    The Auralex MAX-Wall 1141 is a vocal booth, isolation shield and absorptive wall purpose built for maximum portability and ease of setup while retaining the excellent absorption performance and qualities that Auralex acoustic foam treatment is known for. An excellent solution for studios where there isn’t room for permanent built-in vocal booths or live tracking scenarios where a single sound requires isolation, the MAX-Wall 1141 is versatile to serve a variety of acoustic needs.

    - Lightweight, versatile and portable sound isolation
    - Broadband frequency absorption
    - Quick, easy setup and packdown
    - Adjustable height with included mounting stands and clamps
    - Flexible, portable absorption for both professional & residential settings
    - Enclose or isolate sound sources/instruments
    - Plexiglass window for eye-to-eye communication
    - No tools or adhesives required for setup

    Highly absorptive, even at low frequencies, the broadband capacity is extremely linear due to the thickness of the foam used (4.25” thick), and creates an effective isolation booth anywhere at anytime, so you can record, play, mix and listen safe in the knowledge that your audio is clear of sonic artifacts like room ring, flutter echoes, standing waves and excess room reverb no matter what the setting.

    Equally useful as a monitoring shield, the MAX-Wall 1141 can be setup as a wall between mixing position and performance with the plexiglass window still allowing observation and ever-important eye contact between musician and engineer.

    Extra MAX-Wall panels are easily added gap-free thanks to the ingenious end-cap design allowing the panels to be interlocked together, creating a continuous acoustical wall. Panels can then be hinged at up to 60 degree angles for maximum flexibility and even more customisable applications.

    Auralex MAX-Wall Portable Isolation Booths are available in Burgundy (62/MAX1141-BUR), Charcoal, (62/MAX1141-CHA) and Purple (62/MAX1141-PUR).

    Technical details:

    The Auralex MAX-Wall 1141 includes:
    - 11 - 123cm wide x 51cm tall x 10cm thick MAX-Wall Studiofoam panels
    - 1 - MAX-Wall Window Kit (2 panels with plexiglass window)
    - 4 - MAX Stands
    - 4 - MAX-Wall Clamps (for adjusting height above the MAX-Stand clutch)

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 34.64kg


    Auralex : MAX-Wall 1141: 4-Wall Isolation Booth - Charcoal

    $2,299.00 AUD Add to Cart

    The Auralex MAX-Wall 1141 is a vocal booth, isolation shield and absorptive wall purpose built for maximum portability and ease of setup while...Read More

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