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    PRODUCT BRAND: Auralex


    The Auralex Project-2 Roominator Kit includes both Studiofoam Wedge Panels and LENRD Bass Traps so you can tune in your studio space’s full frequency response bandwidth with one easy-to-install and cost effective package.

    Full-frequency treatment can turn a poor sounding space into a good room or a good room into a GREAT room. Once fully treated the rest of your studio gear will sound refreshed and new as it reacts to the newly treated acoustic space free of the previous acoustic anomalies that were creating frequency-grouping or holes in your recordings.

    - Studiofoam Panel Anechoic wedge cut offers superior sound absorption
    - Effectively reduce standing waves and flutter echoes
    - Full frequency bandwidth control
    - Auralex Studiofoam won’t crumble with age
    - Absorbs up to 60% better than other brands

    The Project-2 Kit contains the solutions to many of the acoustic problems commonly found in rooms of roughly 9.2 m/sq or smaller. The 2” thick Studiofoam Panels effectively eliminate standing waves and flutter echoes and can be placed in a control room facility at the points of first reflection (found using the Mirror Method) on the sides, front, rear and ceiling above the listening position or “sweet spot”. For live tracking or performance spaces, a staggered placement of evenly placed panels can be effective across parallel surfaces.

    The LENRD Bass Traps are designed for the 90 degree corners of a room where room nodes congregate and create nasty humps and holes in the frequency spectrum. To increase performance they can be placed vertically between adjacent walls and horizontally between a wall and the ceiling.

    Auralex Alpha-DST Kits come with Charcoal LENRD Bass Traps and a choice of either Burgundy (62/PROJ2CHA-BUR), Charcoal (62/PROJ2CHA-CHA) or Purple (62/PROJ2CHA-PUR) Studiofoam Wedge Panels.

    Technical details:

    Auralex Project-2 Roominator Kits include:
    - 24 - Studiofoam 2’x2’x2? Studiofoam Panels in Burgundy, Charcoal or Purple
    - 8 - LENRD Bass Traps in Charcoal
    - 192 - EZ-Stick Pro Tab Adhesives*

    Studiofoam Wedge Panels and LENRD Bass Traps require 6 EZ-Stick Pro Tabs each for installation but can also be installed with Auralex TubeTake Pro Adhesive (62/TTPRO) or for temporary installations the Auralex TempTabs (62/TEMPTABS).

    *Auralex Panels can be mounted to standard drywall with the EZ-Stick Pro Tabs. Be advised that the EZ-Stick Pro Tabs are designed for permanent installations and will damage drywall and painted surfaces when removed.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 16.50kg


    Auralex : Project2Kit: 24 x Panels 8 x Bass Traps - Cha/Char

    The Auralex Project-2 Roominator Kit includes both Studiofoam Wedge Panels and LENRD Bass Traps so you can tune in your studio space’s full frequency...Read More

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