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    PRODUCT BRAND: Focusrite


    iTrack Dock delivers best in class sound on iPad. Two Focusrite preamps, the best sounding outputs, and all controls at your fingertips bring powerful, professional audio to your apps. Connect your iPad and any instrument, microphone, MIDI controller or audio device, and capture in pristine 24bit 96kHz resolution. iTrack Dock will power your iPad, charge your iPad, and power a USB device - such as a Novation Launchkey Mini keyboard controller - all at the same time. Any USB MIDI controller can be plugged directly into iTrack Dock to get more 'hands-on' with your favourite iOS audio apps. With iTrack Dock there's no need for USB hubs or camera connection kits.

    iTrack Dock features easy to reach, dedicated monitor and headphone controls. Input level dials featuring Focusrite's unique 'Gain Halos' help you quickly find the perfect setting for recording your vocals and instruments. Latency-free direct monitoring is also provided.
    Use the included 'Tape by Focusrite' app to record your performance. No complications, just the controls you need - and iTrack Dock works seamlessly with GarageBand® and other iPad apps too.
    Key Features

    The Focusrite recording dock for your iPad
    Sleek Focusrite industrial design provides the perfect platform to dock, charge and record music with the new generation of iPads - iPad(4th Generation) / iPad Air / iPad mini / iPad mini with retina display - with official Apple approved 'Made for iPad' status. 6 inputs, 6 outputs.
    Record and monitor at superior resolution
    iTrack Dock is the best sounding iPad-based workstation, featuring premium Focusrite A-D/D-A conversion with over 105dB dynamic range and the ability to record at up to 24bit, 96kHz sample rates
    Mic preamps you can trust
    Two Focusrite mic preamps, as featured in the Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces, including 48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones. iTrack Dock also features unique gain halos to easily set the input gain
    Plug your guitar into your favourite apps
    iTrack Dock provides a guitar input with plenty of clean, clear headroom to capture both quiet and loud guitars with stunning clarity
    Connect and power a MIDI controller
    USB MIDI port for MIDI controller connectivity (MIDI + power) – perfect for connecting a controller like the Novation Launchkey or Launchkey Mini
    Recording app included
    Includes ‘Tape by Focusrite’ app for iPad, which offers instant recording, mastering and sharing without the complexities of traditional music-making software
    High quality outputs, over 105dB dynamic range
    Main monitor outputs on balanced 1/4 inch connections & stereo headphone output, with more than enough power for your headphones and powered monitor speakers
    Direct monitoring
    Say goodbye to annoying latency as you engage the iTrack Dock's direct monitoring feature, sending your input signal straight to the headphone and main monitor outputs
    Stereo line inputs
    Connect a variety of other stereo sound devices with the balanced line inputs, including synths, drum machines and CD players
    Works with all CORE AUDIO apps on iPad
    From GarageBand to Cubasis, Auria and beyond, expand the functionality of your apps with the iTrack Dock and its plug-and-play CORE AUDIO driver – no setup required!

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX?: Dock & software



    Focusrite : iTrack Dock: iPad & iPad Mini dock I|O 24 Bit, 48V, 2 x Mic Pre

    iTrack Dock delivers best in class sound on iPad. Two Focusrite preamps, the best sounding outputs, and all controls at your fingertips bring...Read More

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