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    PRODUCT BRAND: Auralex


    Auralex’s ProPanel Absorption Panels are some of the most elegant acoustic solutions on the market. Offering both high-performance sound absorption and a tasteful appearance, ProPanels are now available in ProCloud grouped cloud configurations with appropriate hanging mechanisms for installation above the mixing position, sweet spot, or any location where a reflective ceiling is causing acoustic issues.

    ProPanels are from Auralex’s niche-range of high quality and performance, fabric-covered acoustic absorption panels and are designed to tame undesirable in-room reflections like slapback, flutter echoes and room ring - tailoring the frequency response of your room for a much more pleasing and accurate listening experience. The ProPanel Cloud hangs horizontally from a ceiling to help control and minimise sound reflections in both professional and residential settings.

    - Clean, frame-less design
    - Reduce unwanted acoustical reflections
    - Tame chaotic reverberation
    - Improve speech intelligibility
    - ProCloud is the most effective among all fiberglass mixing clouds
    - Commercial and residential applications
    - Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics
    - Custom colour options available
    - Class A Fire Rated: ASTM-E84

    Composed of 2? x 2' x 4' ProPanel Ceiling Panels in a frame-less design, the ProPanel Cloud Kit includes mounting hardware to create simple and elegant cloud sound treatment. For professional recording studios, mastering suites and post-production studios with a need to present top-notch sound treatment with a look that speaks of sophistication and expertise.

    ProCloud kits are available in Obsidian (62/PROCLOUD48-OBS) or Sandstone (62/PROCLOUD48-SST) fabric. Consider the addition of our ProPanel Pro-Kits (62/PPK1-OBS, 62/PPK1-SST, 62/PPK2-OBS, 62/PPK2-SST) to complete the look and performance of your ProCloud System.

    Technical details:

    The Auralex ProCloud-48 Pack includes:
    - 4 - 4” thick x 2’ wide x 4’ long B224 Ceiling ProPanels (for a 4’ x 8’ cloud config.)
    ProCloud 48 Assembly & Mounting Hardware:
    - 6 - Mounting Rails
    - 1 - Anchor Jig
    - 3 - Hex Drivers
    - 24 - ProCloud Anchors
    - 24 (sets) - Clamp/Ratchet Plug Component
    - 6 - S-Bend Fly Hooks

    *Suspension hardware and ceiling anchors are not included. Be sure that the ceiling and anchors used will support at least 20 kgs.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 24.16kg


    Auralex : ProPanel ProCloud: 4' x 8' x 1 - Obsidian

    $1,999.00 AUD Add to Cart

    Auralex’s ProPanel Absorption Panels are some of the most elegant acoustic solutions on the market. Offering both high-performance sound absorption...Read More

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