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    PRODUCT BRAND: iZotope


    RX6 Advanced is the pinnacle of the RX range, an industry standard tool kit for audio repair and edit that's been utilised on innumerable albums, movies, and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy recordings to pristine quality. Repair distortion caused by clipping, remove mic rustle from lavalier mics and background noise from location recording, RX6 Advanced is a complete tool kit that no post production or audio repair facility should be without.

    Perfect for post-production and recording studios, RX6 Advanced includes:

    ?Standalone audio editor with spectral editing
    ?Voice De-noise: Remove unwanted background noise
    ?De-click: Eliminate clicks and pops
    ?De-hum: Remove buzz and grounding issues
    ?De-clip: Fix clipped audio takes
    ?Spectral Repair: Eliminate noise issues
    ?De-bleed: Remove instrument mic bleed
    ?Easily fix vocal issues like sibilance, breath, and mouth clicks
    ?Composite View: Instantly repair multiple files at once
    ?De-rustle: Remove rustle from lavaliere mics and other sources
    ?Dialogue Isolate: Isolate dialogue from noisy backgrounds
    ?De-wind: Reduce low-end wind rumble
    ?Features machine learning tech and Advanced-only tools

    RX6 Advanced includes all of these new and improved features:

    De-rustle [RX6 Advanced only]
    One of iZotope's proudest achievements, De-rustle allows removal of rustle from lavalier microphone dialogue with a single click—an industry first!

    Dialogue Isolate [RX6 Advanced only]
    Extract dialogue from a noisy environment and remove complex background noise such as cutlery/crockery in a restaurant, traffic sounds, and machinery.

    De-wind [RX6 Advanced only]
    Save important first-take location recorded dialogue from low frequency wind rumble.

    Composite View
    Edit multiple files at once to fix issues recorded by multiple microphones or in multichannel files.

    Mouth De-click
    Remove distracting mouth noise with the new low latency Mouth De-click.

    Spectral De-ess
    manage exceedingly aggressive sibilance. The new Spectral De-ess mode transparently attenuates sibilance with iZotope’s Spectral Shaping technology.

    Fix bleed problems in multi-mic’d situations, click track or headphone bleed, doors slamming, unwanted drum noises.

    Ambience Match [Advanced only]
    Fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite.

    EQ Match [Advanced only]
    Make ADR simple by mimicking the EQ profile of location recording with two clicks.

    SpectralRX Audio Editor
    Visually analyse audio issues through the standalone spectrogram and enhance recordings using intuitive edit tools.

    Voice De-noise
    Reduce or remove unwanted steady-state and evolving atmospheric noises such as air-conditioner or refrigerator hum and guitar amp hiss.

    Breath Control
    Reduce or remove distracting breaths between words and phrases.

    Transparently repair unwanted plosives with a single click.

    Spectral De-noise
    Attenuate amp buzz, tape hiss, and other unwanted steady state background noise.

    The new low-latency De-click algorithm decreases 'clicky-ness' in bass tracks and cleans up tracks evidencing vinyl clicks and mouth noises.

    Save time from retracking by saving analogue recordings from clipping artifacts and distorted audio.

    Remove ground loop hum and line noise.



    iZotope : RX6 Advanced Audio Repair & Edit Software

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    RX6 Advanced is the pinnacle of the RX range, an industry standard tool kit for audio repair and edit that's been utilised on innumerable albums,...Read More

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